2013 is the first real season for the garden, which was planned and started in through the summer and fall of 2012.  Like the tiny houses, the garden has been designed to maximize use of limited space- in this case a 1/11 acre plot that with half the area occupied with the houses/container/parking, and a sizable area remaining open green space.   Previously limited by a postage stamp backyard and 15 years of gardening one 5×10 community garden plot, for me (Brian) the garden planning has been as exciting as constructing the small house.  Below is a catalog of what has been planted to date, with more pictures/updates to come as the season progresses.


Fruit:  Currently planted are 17 fruit trees including: 2 apples (Honeycrisp, Fuji), 3 cherries (Montmorencey sour, 4/1 combo sweet), 2 pear (Comice, Seckel), 2 fig (Paradiso, Negronne), 1 kumquat, 1 apricot (Blenheim), 3 plum (Santa Rosa, Green Gage, Damson), 1 serviceberry, 1 pomegranate (Angel Red), 1 medlar (Breda Giant).  Many of the trees are dwarf or semi-dwarfs that will be judiciously pruned.  There’s also a blackberry bush, 5 raspberry (Fall Gold, and variety of reds), 3 rhubarb (Victoria), 2 grape (Red Flame and Red Crimson seedless), and 3 blueberries (Reka, Tifblue, and a 3/1 combo).  Special thanks to Casey Trees in DC for subsidizing some of the fruit trees, and the great folks at Snell Nursery in MD.

Herbs:  Garlic and traditional chives, Kentucky mint, bronze fennel, borage, red veined and French sorrel, French thyme, green lemon thyme, purple sage, pineapple sage, sweet marjoram, French tarragon, green fringed lavender, sweet lavender, Italian oregano, hot/spicy oregano, dill, Salem rosemary, Tuscan rosemary, and lemon verbena.  Thanks to Debaggio’s in Chantilly, VA for perhaps the best selection of culinary herbs on the East Coast (as well as tomatoes and peppers).

Grains: A trial of dryland Duborskian rice will be planted in 2014. A winter wheat will be planted in the fall 2014.

Veges: There are 10, 4×8 garden boxes for veges, where all sorts of things are growing.  A strawberry bed (Albion), asparagus (Jersey Knight) bed and Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke) bed were planted in 2014.

Flowers: Sunny areas include a wisteria vine and Carolina creeper vine, rose bushes (x4), zinnias, sunflowers, hollyhock, speedwell, salvia, coneflowers, bee balm, verbena, anise hyssop, marigolds, beard tongue, coreopsis, borage, love-in-a-mist and 75 tulip bulbs.  The small shaded flower garden includes asters, bleeding heart, geraniums, and a lonely but lovely peony.

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. I absolutely love what your doing! I hope that one day I will be able to purchase a suitable location and develop a tiny home community! The information you are providing is phenomenal. I especially love the gardens.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I’m in the process of buying a tiny home but have no where in the District to put it – do you have space to rent in your lot for another home on wheels?



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