The newest structure planned at the Boneyard Studios lot will be a 12’x24′ Studio Shed, coming in Spring 2013.

Conceptually, it made sense to have a larger common gathering area for folks at Boneyard Studios, and hopefully the wider neighborhood of which we are a part.  So the Studio Shed is planned to serve as a beautiful community and workshop space, with a bit of bike storage on the side.  It will replace the 8’x20′ shipping container, which has never been too much to look at, is quite narrow, and has no windows or insulation.  Unlike the micro houses on wheels currently here, the Studio Shed will be foundation built.

The Studio Shed will also be an important part of the Boneyard Studios showcase.  We think this company makes some of the most attractive storage and garage structures around, and they also have a ‘lifestyle‘ line that are perfect for foundation-built micro homes, backyard accessory dwelling units, art studios, guest rooms, etc.  The company also shares our values about re-envisioning what our space needs are.  So we’re very excited to be able to have one of these unique pre-fabricated buildings alongside the three tiny homes as another type of small, affordable, green, and quick-to-construct housing option.

Feb ’14 Update: Final design work completed Feb 6! DCRA permit granted Feb 10th! Shed fabrication begins Feb 14th in Colorado! And Studio Shed highlights Boneyard Studios on the Studio Shed blog.

March ’14 Update: Shipping container removed Mar 19th! Concrete foundation pour Mar 20-21! Shed arrives on lot Mar 25, construction begins Mar 27! Shell finished April 2!

May ’14 Update: Shed exterior fully complete, interior fully insulated/drywalled. Just waiting for paint…

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