• Will this project affect my property values? The lot originally had overgrown grass, broken concrete, pooling water, garbage, illegal parking, and occasional criminal activity (i.e. a dumped stolen vehicles, one of which was recently removed). It has been replaced with a mowed lawn, 9 new trees, a community garden, a new fence, flower beds, and several small structures (still in construction) that are designed by local architects and constructed by master builders.  A realtor who visited the lot recently stated they believe the project, once complete, would if nothing else keep property values the same, if not add significantly.
  • Why the new fence?  The new 6′ fence around the property was erected directly in response to input from neighbors at the first neighborhood association meeting, where concerns were expressed over the potential for children to hurt themselves on the lot climbing the newly planted trees.
  • Did you take away parking? We respect that some households backing on the lot used the space as parking, and apologize for any inconvenience. However we note that with one exception, every rowhouse backing on the alley has adequate room for at least 2 parking spaces (quite rare in DC).  In addition, upon acquiring the lot in March 2012 the owner personally flyered each house backing on the lot, offering free temporary parking passes to residents on the alley.  Only 4 passes were requested, which seems to indicate the vast majority of parking was being done by cars coming from outside the neighborhood (e.g. the hospital, etc).
  • Have you reached out to neighbors on this project?  We flyered the neighborhood adjacent to the lot within one week of acquiring the property in March 2012, explaining the plans and leaving direct contact information.  We’ve flyered several additional times to invite neighbors to a BBQ, and to join the community garden. We’ve also attended several Stronghold Neighborhood Association meetings, and have had many neighbors stop by and talk with us, including our Ward V Councilmember.  Additional project information, contacts, and building permits have been prominently posted on the lot since April 2012.  We’re happy to have met so many great neighbors who have supported improvements to the lot.

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  1. Great project. I worked on a start up community garden on New Haven, CT. We had a meet and greet with the neighbours to introduce them to the change happening in their front yard. Might work better than flyers.



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