lot design, take II

A revised site plan for the showcase, with 4 tiny studios on wheels, shipping container storage, south-facing garden area, limited parking, and fruit trees.

first look: foundry architects tiny house

Foundry Architects just sent over the first draft plans for Brian’s tiny house, here’s a few shots. It’s going to be approximately 10.5×20.  No loft, as building a bit wider than the standard 8’6” trailer bed requires the floor to start at wheel height (or else have wheel boxes in your living room).  But the high square roof will give additional cubic feet of space inside.  Instead of a loft the bed is pull-down, hidden behind a sliding bookcase, Bond-style.

While these plans are refined, Lee and some other folks building this year have bought plans for the Fencl from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

April Update: New plans are being drawn up after extensive feedback. While the interior looks good, it seems that most friends looking at the plans still distinctly thought ‘trailer’ or ‘houseboat’ when viewing the flat roof- something that we’ll have to avoid to keep this tiny house architecturally compelling, and avoid any concerns from neighbors that we’re building a trailer park.  Sorry Frank Lloyd Wright and Corbusier, your flat roofs are cool, but they did always famously leak.  So a gabled roof it will be…better flat angled surface for the solar panels!


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