In January I started working with the great folks at Studio Shed to design and deliver a structure for Boneyard Studios. As described in a previous post, it will be a common space- part workshop space, part bike storage, part trailer park bingo hall.  Delivery of the shed came on Tuesday, and after a too-windy Wednesday we started construction Thursday and Friday morning on the lot.

So far its been:

1 hour to remove the shipping container

1 day to prep and pour the concrete

3 days to let concrete dry

3 hours to unload the Studio Shed materials (unfortunately, in driving snow)

1 full day and 3 hours the following morning to complete the 12×24’ Studio Shed shell (walls+windows+roofing)

So far we’ve been impressed with how easily the Studio Shed goes together, and how open it feels inside.  In the coming week(s) we’ll work on adding the galvanized roofing, siding, installing the doors and trim, and completing the interior.  A huge thanks to Tony, who is super talented and great to work with on site, and the folks at Studio Shed (Laura O’Connor, Mike Koenig, Jason Plumb and others) who have been so remarkably helpful during design and construction.

Brian, The Houses, Tony

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  1. Looking forward to seeing/reading more about this project… while tiny homes are appealing for many reasons, having another covered area among several tiny houses can be even more appealing for those who wish to stretch mentally and physically.



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