About a year ago, we welcomed Elaine Walker‘s red-and-white Tumbleweed Lusby to Boneyard Studios—the fourth house in our tiny house showcase.

It’s been a pleasure having Elaine’s house on the lot for so long, allowing us to show yet another tiny house design to the many folks who have toured the site during our regular open houses. But last week, the Lusby hit the road once again for a new adventure, leaving our tiny house showcase with the remaining three models: the Pera House, the Matchbox, and Minim House.

Lusby (Elaine)

More change is coming to the lot soon, of course—we recently announced our plans for a communal studio shed to replace our rented shipping container, and we’re currently exploring options to put the space between the Matchbox and the Pera House to good, creative use (suggestions welcome—or if you think you could personally use the space, get in touch with us with your ideas). More to come soon! In the meantime, farewell to the Lusby, and many thanks to Elaine for her wonderful contribution to the Boneyard Studios project this past year.

The Lusby hitched up

The Lusby hitched up

Lusby being driven away down the alley

Lusby being driven away down the alley

Empty space on the Boneyard Studios lot

Empty space on the Boneyard Studios lot

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  1. Hello – I RSVP’d to a Boneyard Studios open house in February. I need for you to remind me of the date and time. I thought it was February 8, but I see on your website that this date is not posted. I do intend to attend, but am confused about date and time. Thanks, Suzanne Cox 703-989-7518 Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 18:12:47 +0000 To: coxiglesias@hotmail.com

  2. How sad…

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  3. Hello! I may be interested in building a tiny house on this spot. I am a raw vegan chef/entrepreneur/writer, who recently worked at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw as pastry chef. I have been interested in tiny homes for a couple years and have visited your open houses twice when in the DC area (where I grew up and family is). I’m currently in Hawaii, and would love to build a tiny house here, but have not found any suitable land. Has anything changed in terms of the Boneyard Studio zoning since you began, i.e. are any residents living (sleeping) in them or just using them as office, showcase, etc? Thanks, William

    • Hi William, nothing has changed with zoning. We are looking for someone who might want to build a structure off-site but then have it delivered to the lot and use as office or artist space during the days.

  4. Hello, I too am interested in possibly bringing in a built tiny house. My husband and I have been downsizing for years and have been researching tiny house living in DC/NoVA. It sounds like there might be a plan in place for the space where Lusby used to live but I’d love to hear if it’s still available. I’m a Paleo eating private chef and my husband is a gov contractor. I look forward to hearing from you. ~ Stephanie

  5. Hi —

    I am so sad that Elaine has taken her Lusby away :( I am very interested in the Tumbleweed homes and they just sent me a email with your wonderful project as a place to see the Lusby. Is there a way to get in touch with Elaine to see if she has gone far away?

    Blessings to you and your project,

    • Linda, you can find Elaine via her Facebook Site Tiny House Community or on her blog http://tinyhousecommunity.com/ I believe her house is already back down in Florida. There are many different tiny homes out there, and you are welcome to come and see ours. None of us chose to build a Tumbleweed house as the designs inside felt too cramped for us, but a couple of our houses are the same size, so it would give you an idea of the space.



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