Minim house (aka my trailer in the alley) is complete.  A little longer than expected, but I believe we have a finished product that is more refined than planned, flawlessly executed, and ready for the next 50 years.  And perhaps a project that contributes to the dialogue on the potential of sustainable, small spaces.

Planning and building this micro house has been one of the most passionately engaging and satisfying experiences I’ve had, and it is largely due to the excellent folks I’ve had working by my side.  A sincere thanks to Will Couch at Foundry Architects, David Bamford at Element Design+Build, Tony Gilchriest, and all the many additional contributors to the project that I’ve attempted to list on the project plaque (see below).  And to Paul Burk for the 6 hour photo shoot.

As for the experience of being in this 210 square foot house, while I can’t officially live here, I did design it to allow for that someday, and have spent many hours in the space. I have tried moving everything in to see how it fits for the photo shoot.  In short, it’s quite perfect.  There’s room for 175 books, a full sized keyboard and guitar, bar, KitchenAid stand mixer & attachments, a 10 tray food dehydrator, bread machine, 75+ mason jars, sewing machine, suitcase, printer/copier, bags of tools, etc.  There’s even room left over for a combo washer/dryer in the closet (the one thing I’ve felt might be missing).  Most important to me, this all fits without feeling at all cramped or cluttered, and with room for 10 guests to sit comfortably.

More pictures and background on this micro house at the Minim House website.

Brian, The Houses

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  1. This is Awesome!

  2. Congratulations! It’s absolutely amazing!

  3. Congratulations, Brian!

  4. I’m thrilled to see the final build turned out so beautifully. The giant window makes such a difference in how spacious the interior looks.


  5. Congratulations! This is a beautiful and incredibly efficient design!

  6. Nice work Brian. I am curious to know what brand and model composting toilet or toilet system are did you use? I work as a rep in the sustainable living industry. Solar pv, solar thermal, leds, electric radiant heat, solar ac, batteries, super insulated building systems, all fit into my suitcase.

  7. Such a stunning tiny home, and so spacious, too!

  8. Just Awesome! What size trailer did you build this on?

  9. You sir, built an inspiring and lovely place to live in.

  10. How is indoor smell for the Incinolet on a scale from 1-10 (1- none, 10- unbearably bad). What about outdoor smell?

  11. This is wonderful! I wish they were commercially produced.
    What was the final cost?

  12. […] Celebrated completion of Minim House, and the Minim team’s honor of receiving two American Institute of Architects awards. […]

  13. […] area Having finished work on the Minim House several months back, Dave has graciously been helping piece together some seating and storage […]

  14. Beautiful design work. Congrats. I wonder if thought is given to the ability to add on if the desire every occured?

    • Thanks for the kind words. We didn’t plan on any additions- there are probably better options out there if more square footage is needed…



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