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  1. Air quality is a concern of mine and I have not been able to find answers to my questions until now. Thanks for your hard work. The ceiling fan idea is a good one. What do you think of the air filters I have seen advertised and how effective do you think they would be if we couldn’t avoid pollutants from whatever the source in our tiny homes?

  2. I read this post when it was first published and have spent the last two days scouring the blogs trying to remember where I read it. Finally I found it! Thank you for the info on the ERV’s. Do you think it would work efficiently if it were in our bathroom at the back of our 18 foot house or should it be in the main area? We’ve planned on putting in a range hood and a bathroom fan; could this replace one or both?

    • My sense is that anywhere in such a small structure would work ok, as long as there are no doors obstructing…
      Not sure about range hood and bath fan replacement- these ERV’s are fairly low CFM devices made to ensure there is adequate makeup air in the house. Range hoods and bath fans are much higher CFM, designed to more rapidly move moisture/smoke out of the structure.

  3. Thank you! It has been difficult to find information regarding air ventilation. When I checked out the specs for the ERV you recommended, it stated it was not recommended for use from November to March due to frost in the DC climate – I am planning on building in Montreal, Quebec and would love your feed back on how well that ERV unit worked over the winter in DC – did you have any problems with it?

    • Sure thing – we haven’t tested our ERV units yet in the winter, but given the small space I doubt we will have to run them for very long. We’ll keep you posted on their performance during the winter months!

  4. […] – are too big for a tiny house.  BoneyardStudios have a great blog post about air quality (click here for the link for that blog post) and in that post they mention an ERV unit that is small enough to be used in a tiny house. […]



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