It was a busy weekend at the boneyard studios lot.  Thanks to beautiful fall weather and the friends who came out to the lot, we are slowly making some good progress on the exterior of my house.  A future post will address the new design for my house and some of the technical details of the rain screen siding we are installing.  For the time being though, here are some pictures from the weekend’s work party.

Lots of lumber – work site from above

Friends helping treat all the cedar boards

The new planer being put to use – cedar boards for my loft flooring

Perfect weather and sun to caulk the windows

Siding – it’s a tedious process, but the cedar smells so good!

Locust deck and siding

beautiful fall colors in the graveyard - view from the lot

Beautiful fall colors in the graveyard – view from the lot

Big tree that shades the lot

Two of the boneyard houses at dusk

Lee, The Houses

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  1. I’m so jealous of people who have people willing to help. Congratulations on your project!

  2. Thats my dream house.

  3. Inspiring. Especially, with the graveyard next door, a reminder to live and be happy. Beautiful pictures. Good luck.

  4. LOVE. Wish I could’ve been there, looks like a great time :)

  5. Hi! I absolutly LOVE what you guys are doing and wanted to start my own tiny home community here in Atlanta. How do I get started? Who should I talk to?

  6. Wonderful pictures. This is such a great time of year. I hope you can make a lot of progress before the rain and sleet come more often.

  7. this is so cool!!!

  8. […] there!).  Another positive outcome of it being a laborious process was that it allowed me to host numerous work parties with friends and volunteers, and I have such fond memories of all the folks who contributed to the […]



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