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  1. I would add increased overall space and headroom to the tiny house advantages though, most travel trailers I’ve seen have had to sacrifice some of that for the sake of aerodynamics. Interesting post! While there’s plenty of info out there about heat options like marine stoves, there’s been a lack of info for cooling ones, passive solar design is only going to go so far ’round these parts… The in-wall approach makes a lot of sense I think.

  2. Here’s some real and current info on the mini split system i own.
    I live in a small apartment, 400+/- sq. ft. in central Florida…the heat and humidity capitol of the world i think! I have used window units and prior to the mini split system and had a portable a/c unit. All worked fairly well to cool the small space, but not all handled the humidity well, leaking condensed water almost constantly where it shouldn’t…also i was constantly replacing bad units, the units all had different dimensions and were a pain to reconfigure openings to be weather tight and fit properly. Finding one with the right dimensions to fit your old opening could mean not getting the best price, or the one you like.
    The mini split even though it’s the same 9k btu as my window unit , does the job better, faster, and with less effort…and cost about ten percent less to run…not saving a lot, but it adds up to cover the big cost difference in time. I’m told to expect ten to fifteen years of service life from it…until now my window units might get two years before failing.
    After a 2 years of use and two 39 dollar scheduled service/ maintenance calls for cleaning the unit (recommended for optimal efficiency) i can tell you i have more faith in this than any of my previous systems. Just cooling my apartment down here runs about $100 a month, nine months a year…once my tiny home is completed i expect that cost to drop in half, not only am i halving my square footage, but will be better insulated…i plan to install a new mini split of the same size, it’s the smallest available…the reason? Space, life expectancy, efficiency, experience.
    The new units can be installed by anyone who can operate a drill, they have refrigerant already in the system, stored while awaiting the connections, not sure how that works but that’s what they claim…the only professional help will be needed to wire the outside unit, supposedly done in less than an hour with all the parts that you need available with the system. The outside unit is very small and can be mounted on a trailer tongue, or wherever you want. It’s about 14 inches wide, and 26 inches tall and supremely quiet…they even sell little shelves for it to be wall mounted outside if you so choose.
    In Florida AC is not a luxury, it’s essential. Not just for the heat, but to dehumidify your home…i’ve seen humidity destroy wood, and cause mold in just weeks, we take our AC seriously here…i’d call the split mini a long term win vs. window units, and a giant win vs. portables.



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