Tiny homes in DC

Lots of exciting progress. The biggest news is that Jay’s tiny house is in full swing, with flooring and insulation in place.  Check out the very cool time lapse video he’s making.  Lee and Tony are working away on her house, extending the floor one foot in front and back. Brian’s trailer is still sitting idly by, waiting for the structural engineer to complete review of the architectural drawings.

We also finished welding the bombproof gate with our welder friend Adam’s help. So now “the perimeter is secure”. We weren’t convinced about having any fencing up originally- the idea of an open park-like setting was really appealing to us.  But liability concerns and one hostile voice at the neighborhood association meeting convinced us otherwise.  But how to balance the need for a fence and wide gate with the need to move the tiny homes in/out? The secret is are groovy removable fence posts that slide out when it’s moving time. Pretty cool- the entire western side of the fence and gate can be taken down in 15 minutes with a few hands on deck.

We also positioned, plumbed and filled the 250 gallon cistern. We’re sold on this one- it holds a ton of water, costs almost nothing to ship (compared to the big solid plastic ones), and is easy to move when empty. It’s also flat and barely noticeable atop the shipping container (with a wooden enclosure that matches the garden beds)– a plus aesthetically.  A big thanks to one of our many super friendly neighbors who is letting us fill it up once a month to keep the garden alive.

Another neighbor let us pick through a pile of 1920’s era red oak flooring that he was going to dump- after a few hours of pulling out the old square nails there is a nice stack of free flooring ready to go.  And more activity: a tiny house DC meetup with 25+ folks; and a happy hour with all our tiny house friends.  Great progress all around!

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  1. [...] engineer to complete review of the architectural drawings.”Continue reading about the lot update (mid aug): gate welded, water on, construction in full swing, flowers | Boneyard Studios.  /* */ nRelate.domain = "www.tinyhouseliving.com"; var entity_decoded_nr_url = [...]

  2. I have a kumquat tree for the Boneyard! I will bring it by sometime soon :)

  3. I’ve been following your progress and really loving your reports from day one of your project! Just curious about a little background on how this all came together: Were you all friends first or came together from a common tiny-house love? Who owns the lot… one or all? How do you share expenses for the garden, fencing, water, electricity, etc? You must all have day-jobs. Can you tell us what else you do? If these questions are too personal, just answer what your willing to.
    Thank you so much!
    Teri (future Fencl owner) in CA

    • Hi Teri, we all just met in the past year or less, drawn together by the idea of small houses and the potential of a group building process. To keep things simple I bought and upgraded the lot, but we’re sharing tools, storage space, some chores and many, many ideas. A bit more about us can be found under ‘cast’, above. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  4. [...] 2011 – Construction in full swing on Jay and Lee’s tiny houses.  Check out Jay’s great time-lapse video of his build. [...]



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