Tumbleweed was kind enough to lend us their Fencl model to do a tiny house showcase event a few months back. It’s still in DC, so we decided we’d temporarily store it on the lot to help everyone envision what a completed tiny house looks like (and inspire us as we build our own places).

We had a 12×22′ area excavated about 20” to minimize the step down from the trailer, and to reduce the view of the trailer bed.  This was designed for the larger and taller tiny house that will eventually be located there. For the shorter Fencl, the front porch is now actually slightly below grade, but still no steps are required to enter or exit.  In either case, we imagine that once some additional plantings are made around the excavation area there should be no view of the trailer and wheels at all.

We also rolled out our new trailer moving toy- the Parkit 360.  It’s basically a 1.5 hp electric motor+deep cycle battery with a hitch on it.  It worked, mostly, though there are a few glitches in the coupling system depending on your type of trailer- let’s just say that it’s not quite as easy to move a trailer as it seems on the website video.  But it was nevertheless a great help to siting the tiny house on a fairly narrow lot.

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  1. great work! can the public come by to look at the lot and tour the inside of the house?

    • We will schedule an open house in the coming weeks. Out of respect for the privacy of neighbors, we prefer to avoid unscheduled visits. Thanks!

  2. [...] Read more about the Tumbleweed House Arrives at Boneyard Studios. [...]

  3. I hope you enjoy the “Fencl” we built for Tumbleweed…..thanks…Bill Rockhill…..Bear Creek Carpentry……..

  4. Hello from Lorton, Va, love to stop by and check it out…

  5. Baltimore man interested as well in scheduling a look see. I am also a full time photographer and videographer, and would be happy to provide photos, video
    footage, interviews, etc.

  6. Hey Boneyard crew,

    We met over at the DC small house workshop with Deek. I’m building a Fencl and the trailer just arrived. The delivery guy got stuck on the grass in my yard, we have a slight hill he had to go up. I was considering trying one of the gas or electric powered movers for the trailer. Were you able to rent the trailer mover or did you have to buy yours?



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