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Brian, Design

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  1. Great philosophical post! On another note, I was wondering if you all bought the complete Fencl plans or just the framing plans to build your houses?

  2. Even atheists and agnostics might agree that as the old addage goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness (or instead of “godliness” insert your favorite non-denominational terrm here)” I agree that our attempts to create a sanctuary where order reigns supreme, juxtaposed to the “chaos” of nature is a logical human compulsion. But my hope is that we will evolve into a state where we no longer see nature as chaotic: that we will be able to celebrate the perfect order of nature in our design rather than produce ordered environments as a negative reaction to it. Of course we can already see this happening. Let it proliferate.
    “Did you ever grow anything, in the garden of your mind?” -The late great Mr. Rogers

    • p.s. some of the above comments above were influenced by the Great Carpenter/Sage, Anthony “T-bone” Gilfchrist



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